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Hello, my name is Rick Ginn and I am the editor and creator of this site, which is still under construction. The purpose of this site is to provide people interested in spear fishing in Florida with helpful information.  I have been diving and spear fishing in Florida for about 10 years. I live in St. Augustine Florida, where I do most of my diving, but I also enjoy diving in the Gulf, the Florida Keys, and Daytona.

The majority of natural ledges off of St. Augustine are around 40 miles out from the St. Augustine inlet. The ledges are anywhere from 120-130 feet deep. I prefer to dive the inshore wrecks and the artificial reefs which consist mainly of culverts, barges, and plane wrecks. The inshore dive spots are around 60-80 feet deep.

Offshore we usually get lobster, grouper, and snapper, while inshore grouper, cobia, red snapper and flounder are more common. Trigger fish, shephead, and mangrove snapper are common everywhere. I'm not a hard core spear fisherman, I mainly just enjoy the sport. On a good day though we usually bring in a good looking box of fish.

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We had a fun day in April. The vis was about 80 feet which is good around here. The spot we dove was a barge about 65 ft deep. We could see the barge and a school of cobia all the way from the top. There were about 16 to 20 around a big ray. My son got a nice cobia, some sheephead and flounder. Grouper and snapper were out of season. On the second dive at that spot both of my buddies got cobia and flounder etc.

My second dive was a small plane or boat. When we dropped down I saw a large school of cobia in front and in back of the boat. I shot one cobia when I first hit bottom. When I looked over my son was struggling getting his cobia on the stringer. I came up about 20 feet and spotted another large ray with two large cobia on it. I did not get a good shot on the cobia and he took me for a ride. We ended up getting a few flounder and sheepshead there also.

Two things were different this day. The visibility was outstanding and there were tons of rays and cobias. We made only two dives and were back by 2pm. It was a fun day!